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Air Freight


Air Freight

Air freight is often used for high value/low volume shipments.

The traditional method of air dispatch is to deliver a consignment covered by an individual air waybill to an air carrier (either direct or through a freight forwarder). In the case of large loads, it is possible to charter a full aircraft or arrange for what is called a split-charter if the load will not fill the aircraft to full capacity.

Benefits of air freight:
Faster delivery
Airports worldwide can be reached in 1 or 2 days or in a few hours by airfreight, thus reducing the risks of theft, pilferage and damage to the goods. Delivery to certain areas may take several weeks to arrive by ocean and overland freight. Time sensitive or perishable goods, such as certain pharmaceuticals, often rely on airfreight.

Better security
Airfreight has a tighter control over its cargo, thus it has better security that reduces the cargo exposure to theft, pilferage and damage.

Less packaging
Airfreight requires less packaging because of faster delivery and better security. Less packaging may mean saving freight, packaging and labour costs.
Lower insurance

Airfreight is faster and has better security than overland and ocean freight, thus the insurance premium rate generally is lower.